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Christmas Card from Mary Pyle to Angelina December 9, 1967
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Merry Christmas! San Giovanni Rotondo (Foggia) Italia 71013
9 - 12- 67

Dear Angelina, May the Infant Jesus live and grow in your mind and in your heart as he grew and lived in the little house of Nazareth. (P.Pio) This is the Christmas message which P.Pio sends to his spiritual children all over the world. I am late in thanking you for the $10 which I sent to Pietrelcina for Masses. I have a mass celebrated there every day for the P.Pio's intentions- You and Dominic took care of 12 masses. I also Thank you very much for the cigarettes and candies but please do not send cigarettes again because I had to pay 4,000 ($15) duty on them. I send you my love and Padre Pio's blessing for the New Year.
Affectionately Maria Pyle

Letter from Mary Pyle to Ray Ewen 18 - 5 -56
Letter from Mary Pyle to Ray Ewen 1 Retyped letter page 1

18 - 5 -56

Dear Ray and company.

I gave your very generous $97 offering for Masses with the intentions to Padre Pio on April 18th. Late in giving iT and still later in answering you, but never mind, Padre Pio reads your letter while you are writing iT or perhaps he reads it in your heart before iT reaches the paper -

When your children want explanations about Padre Pio just tell them that he loves Jesus so much and Jesus loves him so much that they have become very much alike. Jesus has given Padre Pio his wounds so that...

Letter from Mary Pyle to Ray Ewen 2 Retyped letter page 2

...they can both suffer together, to make us all be good. When God sees that he is suffering so much, He gives hem every-thing which he asks for - he makes people get well and makes bad people become good. We must all pray with him and try to be very good.

The inauguration of the hospital on May 5th was wonderful and the patients are beginning to arrive. The best part of the inauguration was the accertation (I don't know if that word exists) of a great miracle which, our beloved Father had performed. A sixteen year old boy came here having been sent by a doctor, who said that nothing could be done for the boy who had a tumor behind his eye -cancer - His eye was already deformed and his suffering was attroscious. The Mother said that she would not move from here until her boy was healed. On the 5th of May she brought the boy was examined again by the doctor who had sent him and who is now here at the hospital and the tumor had entirely disappeared - Deo Gratius!
Love to all. Maria Pyle

Postcard from Mary Pyle to Ray Ewen 24 - 7 - 54
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ray ewan mary pyle postcard

Retyped card

J.M.J San Giovanni Rotondo
P. (Foggia) Italy

24 - 7 - 54

Dear Ray,

I was delighted to hear from
you and to see the picture of
your dear little family and I
immediately gave the offering to
Padre Pio for the mass for your
deceased Mother and I alway con-
tinue to be grateful to you for the
great favor you did us on that long
ago Thanksgiving day which favor
saved our friends life and all
of this inspite of the fact that I
am so very remiss about answering
letters. I send you a big blessing from
Padre Pio for you and yours!
Very affectionately Maria Pyle

Mary Pyle postcards
mary pyle postcard

mary pyle postcard

Copy of Original letter from Mary Pyle to Ray Ewen from Foggia

ray ewen letter 1945Retyped

San Giovanni Rotondo
14 - 2 - 1945

Dear Ray,

Many thanks for the lovely Christmas card and above all for your thought. I am very glad that you are at home with your dear family but we miss you all very much. Padre Pio remembers you all, one by one and says that you are living in his heart and that distance cannot diminish the love which he felt for you when you were near. He once said to one who was leaving and who asked how she could communicate with him from afar: " Kneel in front of Jesus in the tabernacle and you will always fine me there." Trust that comforting thought? We are still so grateful to you for what you did for us on Thanks-giving day a year ago. You really took part(a big Part) in saving our dear friend's life. We are also still grateful for all the etc, etc, etc's.

This carries cordial greetings from all of my household and from all of those who knew you and from all of the Pio family of which you are also a member and it carries love and many blessings from our beloved and mutual Father for you and yours.

God Bless you !