Mary Pyle's baby JesusThis 'Baby Jesus' sits in Mary Pyle's bedroom. It was carried by Padre Pio in the procession before Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve every year.
Mary Pyles houseA ground floor room in Mary's house and a communal dining room for
visitors and guests.

Mary PyleThis photograph of Mary Pyle
sits on a table in
her room.

home for relief of sufferingThis is a partial view of the Home for Relief of Suffering where Mary Pyle died.
Mary Pyle's bedroomA closer look at
her bedroom.

Mary Pyle AltarAltar set up in one
of the rooms.

window view Mary Pyles houseView from a window on one of the upper floors of
Mary's House.
The Place where Mary Pyle lived in early 1900's in February 2011 mary pyle galleryPicture taken in February 2011 of Mary Pyle’s home in New York City

The Family Home of the James and Adelaide Tolman Pyle Family as it appears today. It is located at the North east corner of Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street in Manhattan, New York City. It is just two blocks from St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center. Adelia McAlpin Pyle (Mary Pyle) lived in this residence from the time of her Grandfather’s death in 1900 until she left New York to work with Dr. Maria Montessori shortly after her fathers death in 1912. Her Mother, Adelaide McAlpin Pyle owned the building which was deeded to her on the death of her Father David Hunter McAlpin in 1900. In 1913 her Mother filed documents in New York City to have the building converted to shops and apartments.
mary pyle galleryCONVENT GROUP: Dr Maria Montessori is pictured, front right beside companion Mary Pyle , while in the back row, left to right, are some of Sunderland's best-known Sisters of Mercy in their day - Sisters Mary Columbus, Bernard, Austin and Vincent (Courtesy of the Sunderland Echo)
hudson riverHudson River from Mrs. Master's School, Dobbs Ferry J.F. Cropsey (1823-1900) 1897 Oil on Canvas "Newington-Cropsey Foundation collection"
mary Pyles HouseThis picture was taken looking up the steep stairs in Mary's house. Padre Pio would have a painful ascent on these steps to visit his ailing parents.
Mary Pyle and American SoldiersMary Pyle with a gathering of American Soldiers around her table during WWII.

“Hurstmont, originally constructed in 1886, was essentially rebuilt on the existing foundation in 1902-03 by Stanford White of famed New York-based architectural firm McKim Mead and White. The house was rebuilt for James T. Pyle, a New York industrialist whose wealth was derived from Pyle’s Pearline Soap, a popular household brand of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.” This is the 30 room Summer Home of the Pyle family on 20 acres of land in Morristown, New Jersey

Image and text in quotes courtesy of the Save Hurstmont Committee, with Permission from Preservation, New Jersey
Pyle home on 5th Avenue and 53rd St. Manhattan in 1911
The picture is printed with the permission of the New York Public Library

Image ID: 1113278
[No. 665 Mrs. H.M. Schieffelin - No. 675 Sam'l Untermyer - No. 675 Cornelius Vanderbilt - No. 685 Criterion Club.] (c1911)

Photographs of Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street in Manhattan where the James Tolman Pyle Family lived from 1900 to 1912. The photograph is from 1911. Pyle home has car in front #673 at the corner.
adelia Mc Alpin PyleAdelia McAlpin Pyle at the summer home in Morristown New Jersey. It was around this time or shortly afterwards that she was a flower girl. Her Uncle David Hunter McAlpin, Jr. married Emma Rockefeller in 1895, Adelia and her little sister Sarah were the flower girls at the very large wedding at the Rockefeller estate in Tarrytown, New York
The Entrance to the Mary Pyle Auditorium in the New Saint Padre Pio Church in San Giovanni Rotondo The Entrance to the Mary Pyle Auditorium in the New Saint Padre Pio Church in San Giovanni Rotondo

Martin Haumesser, Buffalo, NY USA,
January 19th 2013

The photo of Mary Pyle with the American soldiers is one I am quite familiar with.

The soldier to her immediate right is my father, Arthur J. Haumesser. He flew with the United States Army Air Corp, 15th Air Force, 463rd Bomb Group, out of Foggia, Italy. He visited with Padre Pio with a choir my father belonged to.

My father passed away on January 17, 2013, Please remember him in your prayers.

Mary Pyle with the American soldiers
Mary Pyle and Sargeant Haumesser to her Right - U.S.Army Air Force 463rd Bomb Group Foggia.

Chapel of St. Mary of the Wayside in Il Gesu Church, Rome, Italy
where Mary Pyle prayed for a Spiritual Director

Padre Pio at his father Grazio's bedsidePadre Pio at his Father Grazio's bedside before his death in Mary Pyle's home.
Grazio Forgione, Father of Padre Pio was ill for an extended period of time and Mary Pyle had him livein her home and provide him with personal attention before his death in 1946,
Mary PyleMary Pyle
pyle montessoriAt a Montessori School in Manhattan left to right, Mario Montessori, Helen Parkhurst, Dr. Maria Montessori and Mary Pyle Dr. Maria Montessori founded schools for the education of children. Her son Mario, Miss Helen Parkhurst and Adelia McAlpin Pyle (Mary Pyle) were people who worked with Dr. Montessori in this world wide educational plan.
ray ewenMary Pyle took an unconsecrated host and embroidered the edges. Padre Pio blessed it and she sent it to Ray Ewen in 1957. The host and Ray in a picture 2008. The hosts were made in Mary Pyle's home for Padre Pio masses. The host has survived over 50 years.